Rescue dog gets long-overdue haircut
Lazarus before his haircut (image via Amanda Brooke Charsha-Lindsey Facebook)

Each and every night the majority of us give thanks for and appreciate the pets in our lives. We cherish them and treat them as if they were our children. Sadly, that is not the case with some folks, and sadder yet is the pitiful lives many animals lead out of neglect and even abuse. Fortunately, there are rescue foundations supported by people with huge hearts that have made it their mission to ease the suffering of animals. One such group is called the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue (BFDR), and they’re making headlines due to a recent rescue of a dog by the name of Lazarus, who hadn’t had a haircut in six years, until BFDR came along.

Animal Rescue Foundations

Lazarus was purportedly found in less than stellar circumstances living inside of a barn stall surrounded by feces. By all accounts, he seemingly hadn’t been let out, brushed or groomed during the entire six years he basically spent in captivity. This would be something in itself for any animal, but Lazarus is a great Pyrenees, a breed known for their thick outer and undercoat, both of which need regular brushing. You can imagine the matted fur and discomfort this poor dog endured during this time frame, but one of the first things his rescuers did when they found him was shave a whopping 35 lbs. of hair off of his body.

Rescue dog gets haircut
Lazarus 35 lbs. lighter but still looking a little tentative (image via Amanda Brooke Charsha-Lindsey Facebook)

Dog Groomers

Lazarus was fortunate in that one of his rescuers, Candice Skelton, happens to be a dog groomer, so he wasn’t immediately passed off to another unfamiliar face. He had an opportunity to spend a little time with Skelton in order to gain his trust before going under the clippers. His before and after photos are incredible. In one he looks like a matted tick getting ready to pop or like someone wearing a fat suit or a sumo wrestler costume with his head in complete disproportion to his body. His fur is stained and dirty and he just looks like a wretched mess. His first after shot shows a dog almost unrecognizable but still a little tentative. His next photo shows a dog on the verge of a whole new life with everything to look forward to.

Animal Adoptions

In addition to a shave and a bath and a host of other grooming services, Lazarus was the recipient of some much needed vaccines and then sent to live with a foster parent until a forever home can be found for him. His current caretaker, Amanda Brooke Charsha-Lindsey, will help Lazarus adjust from isolation and possibly even sensory deprivation (from presumably being locked in a dark barn) to life in the real world again. She’s been posting about his rescue experience on her Facebook page and giving updates on his progress. All things considered, Lazarus is one lucky dog.

rescue dog gets new lease on life
Lazarus looking like he's got a new lease on life (image via Amanda Brooke Charsha-Lindsey Facebook)

Pet Foster Parents

If you love animals, pet fostering is one of the most selfless acts you can perform. It’s very difficult to take in an animal and nurse it emotionally and sometimes physically back to health and then let it go when a forever home can be found. It takes a lot of time, work, energy and money on the part of the foster parent. Most rescues charge for adoptions so that pet foster parents can be reimbursed for the supplies they provide, but many if not all would do it regardless. If you have the time, space, patience and love in your heart to become a temporary mom or dad to an abandoned or neglected animal, check out rescues in your area. They are almost always looking for help, and you could make all the difference in the world to somebody like Lazarus.