Most likely, the retractable leash you know is the kind that pops back into the handle when it's released.  Release N Run pops back into the collar.  Think about the difference that makes....


Rease N Run retractable leash


One difference is how easy the Release N Run is to operate.  There's no button to push or pulley to release; just gently let go of the 4-foot leash and it travels back into its collar compartment, right on your dog's neck.

Another difference is that you don't have to carry the leash while your dog roams free; your dog will carry it.

And a third difference is that if, for some reason, your dog won't come to you when you call him, another person can grab his leash and keep your dog in place until you get him. This feature is for his safety.


Release N Run dog collar with retractable leash


The Release N Run is designed for the dog who spends a good part of her time outdoors and off-leash. This is not the best leash for dogs who are primarily leashed when outdoors. 

The collar comes in small, medium, large, and extra large (see measurements here) and in fuchsia, black, orange, blue, and red. The cording is climber's cord, nice and strong, and great for dogs up to 110 pounds. It is water repellent too!

Here are a few Release N Runs in action with their dog models!



That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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