An exceedingly rare, psychedelically-hued, rainbow-tinted lobster caught in St. Marys Bay, Nova Scotia could be the poster child for the acid-ification of the oceans.

Rare Rainbow Lobster Is A Technicolor Dream

Far out, man... like, far out in St. Marys Bay is where Captain Chad Graham hauled in the "The Technicolor Dream Lobster”. The Brier Island-based lobsterman snapped a couple of shots of the colorful crustacean whose psychedelically-hued shell blazed with iridescent violet streaked with white, yellow and blue.

Rare Rainbow Lobster Is A Technicolor Dream

Odd-colored lobsters come in blue, orange, calico, and even split down the middle varieties. These oddballs are million-to-one shots – in some cases multi-million-to-one occurrences. The cause lies in genetic mutations that affect the prevalence of certain types of pigments which tint the shells.

So, what will a rainbow-tinted lobster look like when it's hauled out of the cooking pot? We may never know: Captain Graham had to throw back his unique catch as it was smaller than the 82.5mm (3.25 inch) minimum length allowed by Canada's Department of Fisheries. (via CBC and Murray GM Yarmouth & Barrington/Facebook)