You can have all the fun of the traditional Monopoly game while trying
to collect cats rather than properties with a brisk game of Cat-Opoly.
Get a taste for the desire to hoard cats without hacking up a single
fur ball.


Cat-Opoly is played just like the original game, though you may notice a difference in the playing pieces. Instead of the shoe, race car, and dog, etc., you will make your choice from such items as a ball of yarn, a can of sardines, a mouse, or a milk bottle. Instead of houses and hotels you add litter boxes and fish bones. Catnip replaces Free Parking, and falling in the water is worse than Jail.

I have played this game and found it just as delightful as the original. Well, perhaps I liked it just a tad more since it was about cats. The one drawback we (me and two other cat ladies) found with the game was that we hit a point where there was just never going to be a natural end to the game. We finally called it at midnight. Aside from that it is a fun new take on the original Monopoly game.


Naturally, there is also a Dog-Opoly game for dog lovers. There your tokens include a scared cat, a fire hydrant, and a mail man. When you round the board you pass Go Fetch and collect $200. While I have not played this version of the game, I have no doubt that it is much like the cat game and dog lovers will have a barking good time.

To order Cat-Opoly, click here. To order Dog-Opoly, click here.

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