Rabbits as pets
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Small pets can be just as rewarding as owning a cat or a dog, but there are some things you should know about the adorable creatures that will make your life and your new pet’s a full and happy one. If you’re thinking about a rabbit, be ready for digging, burrowing, throwing and, of course, chewing. Here are some helpful tips about rabbit ownership and stopping destructive behavior.

Rabbit Digging

In order to prevent the inevitable destruction that can come from digging, strongly consider purchasing untreated grass mats or tunnels. They make excellent substitutions for your lawn or, if they’ll be predominantly residing inside, carpets and rugs. This will save you time and money in the long run.

Rabbit Burrowing

As natural underground dwellers, rabbits will try and emulate their natural instincts of burrowing, as they do in the wild. If they’re penned outside, this can lead to some problems that can include eventual escape, given enough time. If a penned outdoor habitat is your plan, place them in a hutch during the evening. For in-home dwellers, tubes and nesting dens large enough to accommodate their size are recommended.


rabbit toys

Rabbit Throwing

If you’ve never owned a rabbit before, you’re probably not familiar with their habit of throwing or tossing things. This is a normal form of play or just their way of getting attention. While it can be quite comical, it can also be messy. That’s why you should get them woven grass balls or other toys like a Flip ‘N Toss Carrot or Toss ‘N Chew Celery to keep them occupied.

Rabbit Chewing

Rabbits are prolific chewers and their teeth never stop growing. Chewing is nature’s way of keeping that growth in check. Rather than have them destroy rugs or get injured by an attractive nuisance like an electrical cord, provide them with animal chews designed for small pets instead.

The more opportunities your pet rabbit has to play, dig, chew or toss the happier he or she will be and the less destruction they are likely to cause.  

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