Queen Elizabeth Shows Leadership With Her Position On Trophy Hunting

As a leader, Queen Elizabeth is often described as a "puppet" versus a true monarch. There's talk in the parliament of a referendum to abolish Britain's royal family, which currently costs the nation millions annually to sustain. However the Queen does distinguish herself from the U.S. in rallying the cause to finally ban trophy hunting in the UK. President Trump, on the other hand doesn't measure up in this arena. In fact, his policies are so divergent, he and his advisory board, aka, the International Wildlife Conservation Council [IWCC] are approving his efforts to rebrand "trophy hunting" as being beneficial for animals.

U.S. Gun Ownership

Gun ownership is a major tenet used by the Trump team to support  "trophy hunting." Gun owners and the National Rifle Association exert immense clout in the Trump administration. Millions of dollars have gone to the president's 2020 re-election campaign. In turn, he has made it easier for hunters to import the body parts of lions, elephants and other animals killed from Africa.

Trump’s team and the IWCC, argue that the sport, in which millionaire hunters pay tens of thousands of dollars to shoot endangered animals is an acceptable method of conservation abroad.

The Queen in Opposition

While Trump's 'pet' project is rejected by most animal advocates, worldwide, the Queen wants to ban trophy hunting imports.

Queen Elizabeth II confirmed the ban in her speech from the throne at the reopening of Parliament in October. Her proclamation reinforced the current government’s agenda and focus.

She noted, “for the first time, environmental principles will be enshrined in law.” This includes legislation that will “promote and protect the welfare of animals, including banning imports from trophy hunting.”

Labour Party's Position

In agreement with the Queen, the Labour Party  also proposed a ban on trophy hunting imports in its Animal Welfare Manifesto. The party would also phase out animal testing, ban the sale of snares and glue traps, as well ban electric pulse fishing. It would also commit to preventing the return of commercial whaling.

UK vs U.S.

In this respect, the Queen's leadership skills are far superior to those of the leader of the free world, who is in direct opposition.

There is another reason for Trump's position on trophy hunting. His sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, are  avid big game hunters. In a photo that surfaced in 2012, Trump Jr. can be seen holding the tail of an elephant he shot and killed in Africa.


In a previous post, titled 'Retire the ‘GOP Elephant If Trump Becomes President?', I reported on Donald Trump’s two sons, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump involved in the horrendous practice of killing elephants. When questioned on this travesty, both sons made no apologies for hunting wild game as sport. They don’t see anything wrong with killing endangered species. In an attempt to justify their killings, they indicate they feed the meat to indigenous people in various regions of Africa.

The founder of the campaign to 'Ban Trophy Hunting' Eduardo Conçalves noted that “an overwhelming majority” of UK citizens are in favor of a ban."

He added, “trophy hunting is cruel, immoral, and is having a devastating impact on some of the world’s most vulnerable wildlife. British trophy hunters are also among the worst in the world for shooting elephants and lions bred in captivity.”

He explained that if trophy hunting continues, it could have detrimental consequences for wild animals. “Elephants are also showing signs of reverse evolution,” he said. “Their tusks are getting shorter on average. This is a sign of a weakening gene pool, and the number of African lions is in free fall.”

Your thoughts dear readers, are you for go against trophy hunting. Do you agree with the Queen or the President?


Primary Source: LiveKindly