Natural Rice Hulls Dog Feed Bowls

Natural Rice Hulls Dog Feeder Set (Herb)


Pura Naturals Pet, as you might guess, is a company devoted to providing natural products to care for pets. And the company is true to its name, so true that it has been awarded for its creation and production of high-value natural pet products many times. Pura Naturals Pet products have addressed skin, ear, and dental needs of dogs and cats, but the newest Pura Naturals products are dog bowls and trays made of rice hulls, the natural protective coverings of rice.


Natural rice hulls

Rice Hulls (or Chaff)


Rice hulls have many industrial uses, but most importantly for your dog, Pura Naturals Rice Hull Bowls are made of non-toxic, USA sustainably grown rice without environmentally harmful pesticides or herbicides. The bowls are almost 30 percent lighter in weight than melanine or bamboo bowls. And the Rice Hull Bowls are even dishwasher safe!

I love the Natural Rice Hulls Dog Feeder Set - two handsome bowls that sit on a fitted tray.  Both the bowls and the tray are non-skid, so even though these bowls are lightweight, your dog doesn't have to chase his food and water around your kitchen.


Natural Rice Hulls Dog Feeder Set

Natural Rice Hulls Dog Feeder Set (Natural)


The set is available in herb (shown at top), natural (shown immediately above) and slate (shown below). Size small bowls hold 16 ounces; large sizes hold 32 ounces.

Natural Rice Hull Single Dog Bowl

Natural Rice Hull Single Dog Bowl Slate


You can also purchase the bowls individually on in slate and natural.


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