The Puparazzi & Your Pup’s Invited To The ’Isle Of Dogs’ Movie

Wes Anderson’s latest flick, ‘Isle of Dogs,’ is definitely dog friendly. On April 12, the Denver Film Society is opening it doors for a first-time event to celebrate the filmmaker’s latest film.

The movie took two painstaking years to complete, involving 1,000 handmade puppets — 500 dogs and 500 humans — and a crew of 670, from puppeteering to costume design to stop-motion-animation.

Dystopia is for the Dogs!

It’s a unique combo offering up a classic and dystopian tale of a boy and his dog. In typical Anderson fashion, the movie has all the visual and audio deadpan humor and plot twists that will surely make you and your pooch sit up, and take paws.

On the darker side, Anderson teleports his audience to a dystopian future in Japan where, by executive decree, all the canine pets of Megasaki City are exiled to a vast garbage-dump, aptly called Trash Island. The twelve-year-old lead character named Atari sets off on a journey in a miniature Junior-Turbo Prop. He flies across the river in search of his bodyguard-dog, Spots. There, with the assistance of a newly-aligned mongrel pack, he begins an epic odyssey that will determine the fate and future of the Isle.

Paws-itively Dog-friendly

If you’re overly anxious about bringing your pup to the theater, the DFS took proactive steps for you and your dog's viewing experience. This includes turning down the sound volume of the movie so as not to alarm your pup.  Also, the theater will require dogs to remain on a leash, and if they are too aggressive or too loud, they may be asked to leave the theater. And of course, in accordance with the standard "human rules,' it’s a major no-no for your furry friends to leave their cellphones on during the show.

Other than that, your pets are allowed to sit on one of the theater's seats or [if they see fit] they can lay down comfortably on the floor. The theater is assuring patrons there’s enough room for all.

However, each event will be determined by the personalities of the dogs in the audience, so DFS is encouraging all to come with an open mind and expectations that minor disruptions can and will happen. After all, dogs will be dogs.

Who let the dogs out . . . erh, in?

Currently, while the first screening on April 16 has been sold-out, there are tickets still available for Saturday's performance, April 21 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $5 for the dogs and are regularly priced for their human companions at $11.50. Proceeds will in part benefit Maxfund, a local animal adoption center in Denver. Go here to snag a spot before there's another sell-out, because this event is guaranteed to be a one-of-kind treat.


Denver was not the only dog-friendly theater for the Isle of Dogs. On Puppy Day, March 21, coinciding with the movie’s Manhattan premiere, the flick at the IFC Center included a festive dog-friendly red carpet. A few very lucky dogs (available for adoption via Best Friends animal rescue) had the opportunity to pose with the film's cast, including Jeff Goldblum [see Mr. Goldbulm below with Duke, a Bohemian Mountain Dog]. Tilda Swinton and Liev Schreiber did the same.

Many of the attending dogs and their owners went formal for the occasion in berets, ties and pearls. Others selected a more leisure attire appearing in tracksuits.

Jeff Goldlum & Duke

Readers . . .   if you know of any other theaters around the country conducting similar events, please let us know in the comments below, so we can find other locations, perhaps closer to home. For those in Denver . . . please feel free add your movie critiques. We'd love to hear if you liked the flick.


The Puparazzi & Your Pup’s Invited To The ’Isle Of Dogs’ Movie