Who sez pricks and butts don't belong together? These Cat Butt Pincushions on display at the Tokyo Design Festa 2015 demand a second glance... especially if you happen to enjoy knitting AND own a cat.

Little to no information is available on these slightly twisted embroidery accessories; their presence at this years Tokyo Design Festa indicates they're merely prototypes. Should an investor or investors feel it's worth taking a gamble on production, however, the pincushions could quickly move from design teasers to actual retail items. Cats everywhere should feel a wee bit nervous over that possibility.

Unlike the outrageously in-your-face Deer Butt Doorbell, it's obvious no actual cats were harmed in the production of these Cat Butt Pincushions. One does wonder what the target market for this item could be, however... knitters who love cats or crocheting psychopaths? Our money's on the latter. (via Jonelle Patrick's Only In Japan)