It was a momentous occasion when Hagrid introduced Harry Potter to
Buckbeak. The stern mythical creature is a hippogriff and had the good
taste to hate Draco Malfoy and accept Harry. Your kid can have their own
adorable Buckbeak.

Buckbeak Plush ToyBuckbeak Plush Toy

I'm not sure Buckbeak would appreciate being called adorable, but this 13 inch image of him is. He is made of polyester and he is tough enough to stand on his own. Despite this he is also soft enough to be cuddly. This toy is not for children under three years of age due to small parts. Buckbeak is an unusual plush toy, but what a change from the ubiquitous teddy bear!

To order a Buckbeak for your child (even your inner one), click here.

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