Don't walk your pets, ROLL them in this luxurious folding lightweight pet stroller for dogs and cats.  

Compet Millimili Light α EG Long portable pet stroller

Score another victory for pampered pets! It's not enough that we take our pets for “walks”, following them around and picking up their poop. Now they don't even have to walk – YOU still do, mind you – because they can ride in style in this fashionable, functional, folding pet stroller from Combi.

The Compet Millimili Light α EG Long (yes, that is its full official name) is the latest offering from Combi Co., Ltd., a designer and manufacturer of baby products and infant toys founded in 1961. That was the Baby Boom; this is now: falling birth rates have likely prompted Combi to branch out into the increasingly popular and undoubtedly lucrative luxury pet accessories market.

Compet Millimili Light α EG Long portable pet stroller

The Compet Millimili Light α EG Long outwardly resembles a baby stroller but boasts a host of significant design tweaks that make it especially pet-friendly. Take the interior “living space”, for example – the roughly rectangular area is 55cm (21.5”) long, allowing for comfortable seating for longer dogs or multiple smaller pets.

The stroller features three large zippered mesh windows that provide plenty of ventilation on hot days, while preventing nervous pets from bolting. A “conestoga”-style folding cover provides security and shade, and a small travel pouch under the passenger pod holds necessary pet accessories. Cleaning is a breeze! Just remove 8 hooks to remove the seat for washing.

Compet Millimili Light α EG Long portable pet stroller

The stroller itself folds flat for easy storage and its light weight of just 4.3kg (just under 10 lbs.) lets owners conveniently carry it up and down stairs, etc.

For more information, please visit Combi's Japanese-language product page. (via PR Times and Compet)