Students frightened by a squirrel in the toilet? Serves 'em right for scarfing down all those peanuts the previous evening! But seriously, folks, a wayward rodent splashing about in the toilet bowl is no way to start one's day – even worse if you're the squirrel in question.

Pooped Squirrel Rescued From Student's Toilet

Such was the case on May 13th, 2018, when students sharing a house in Southwark, central London, awoke to find themselves in that exact situation. Kudos to the kids for not succumbing to panic and instead phoning the local RSPCA location for advice and assistance.    

The advice given by RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Kirstie Gillard was “DON'T FLUSH”, and the assistance was rendered in person by ACO Gillard who arrived at the scene, mop in hand. Yes, we said “mop”... ACO's know a thing or two about wildlife rescue and how to go about it.

Pooped Squirrel Rescued From Student's Toilet

As these images (courtesy of the RSPCA) illustrate, ACO Gillard delicately lowered the mop's handle into the toilet bowl whereupon the squirrel, eager for any lifeline, latched on with its wee claws and was lifted to safety. After a gentle cleaning and some R&R wrapped in a soft towel, the squirrel was released back into the wild... in this case, a nearby park.

“I think he must have come into this house through the roof and slipped into the toilet,” explained ACO Gillard afterwards. “It was certainly one of the most unusual rescues I've ever carried out - I did rescue a bat stuck in the plughole of a sink last year but I think this one takes the crown! I'm sure it's one the squirrel ‘walnut’ forget in a hurry.” Umm, may we humbly suggest Gillard keep her day job and leave the comedy to comediennes. (via Southwark News and GSY Bailiwick Express)