A photo of a dog nabbed by police for allegedly attacking a deer has gone viral after his owner snapped his 'I regret nothing' face peering out from an OPP vehicle's barred back window.  

Pooch Perp Peers Pensively From Police Paddywagon

Truly, this is the most “guilty as charged” face we've seen since the last time we played Monopoly. Finn, a mixed-breed mutt from Lake of the Woods, Ontario, has deer issues – he hates them, according to his owner, Emme Thompson.

Thus it wasn't surprising when the local OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) detachment called Thompson to state they had, er, collared Finn after someone reported him running amok on a buck.

Pooch Perp Peers Pensively From Police Paddywagon

Thompson high-tailed it down to the station where Finn could be found, forlornly framed by the bars on the police SUV's back window. Good thing Thompson had her phone with her, as Finn's expression had to be seen to be believed.  

Thompson posted the photo of the apprehended canine to her Twitter where (as of press time) it's racked up over 600,000 likes and almost 200,000 retweets. “Someone called the police on my dog because he ran away and attacked a deer and i know this is serious but the sight of him in the cop car i'm alskdjfhsgh,” reads Thompson's caption.

Pooch Perp Peers Pensively From Police Paddywagon

As for Finn, his confinement was short and no court dates are scheduled – deer have a poor record of attending legal proceedings, anyway. “Thank you SO much for all the nice messages and replies asking about Finny!,” Thompson posted two days after the so-called Finn-cident.

“I wish i had time to answer all of them – they let us off with a warning and he is going to be just fine!” Great to hear... unless you're a deer from Lake of the Woods. (via Canoe and Yahoo News)