Praise the roared! A young Canadian photographer from Newfoundland and Labrador captured what appeared to be a polar bear in the act of prayer.

Polar Bear Appears To Be Praying At Outdoor Island Cross

“Bless the beasts and the children,” The Carpenters once sang but Jessica Andrews of Wesleyville, N.L. witnessed one of the Good Lord's creatures returning the favor... and what's more, she caught the unlikely act on film. Jessica Andrews owns Ocean View Photography in New-Wes-Valley, on Newfoundland's northeast coast, and her home in Wesleyville offers a great view of some small islands just offshore.

Andrews had only recently arrived back home after work when some friends phoned her to say a polar bear was roaming about the islands and to take care. Spying out her back window with binoculars, she spied the bear in question and started snapping away with her camera.   

Polar Bear Appears To Be Praying At Outdoor Island Cross

As she was clicking the shutter, Andrews noticed the bear approach a white cross that had been erected atop the island's high point. “He stood up and put his paw on the cross and that's the picture I took,” she said. “It was almost like he was staring right at me.” Andrews ended up taking about 200 photos of the bear but upon reviewing them later she had a revelation (so to speak). “I didn't notice it when I was taking them,” she explained, “but when I started to go through to edit them, oh my God, I was like, 'Holy crap, he's praying!'”

Polar Bears are known for their curiosity and doubtless this one was simply investigating the island in search of food. Still, Andrews' photos of the bear and the cross are evocative to say the least, whatever the creature's actual motivation might have been.  

Polar Bear Appears To Be Praying At Outdoor Island Cross

As for Andrews, she admits to having never seen a polar bear womano-a-bruino before though they've been known to frequent the area in the past. Her only regret? “If I had the proper lens to capture animals up-close, I mean the picture would have come out beautiful.” Not to worry, Jessica, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Last but not least, the RCMP’s New Wes Valley Detachment has issued a warning for people not to seek out or otherwise attempt to interact with the bear... this means you especially, selfie-takers. Ignore this advice and all the prayers in the world won't save your skin. (via and CBC News, images via Jessica Andrews/Ocean View Photography)