This plush and huggable stuffed manta ray is resplendent in seafoam green with deep black shining eyes that won't judge your life choices.

Plush Stuffed Manta Ray

The urge to bring home a plush manta ray can overwhelm one's self at times – we've been there, we know. Resistance is futile, so make the best of the situation by going big... as in “XL”, because when it comes to cute plush stuffed manta rays, size very much DOES matter!

XL is what you want, what you need, and what you'll get from our good friends at the Village Vanguard “exciting book store” and emporium of all things wondrous.

Plush Stuffed Manta Ray

In the case of this spectacular Seafoam Green (is that a color or is that a color??) plush manta, that means an impressive 60 cm (just under two feet) from smiling snout to sting-free tail.

If you've been living without an XL plush stuffed manta, then you've pretty much “skated” through a monotonous succession of dreary days. You deserve better – we all do – and a plush XL marine creature radiating joy in the key of green is the agent of change you've been waiting for. Hustle your mouse over to Village Vanguard online and order one today.