These cute "Maneki" plush dogs bring some much-needed puppy love to the traditionally cat-dominated field of retail store animal good luck charms.      

Plush Lucky Dogs Invite Waves Of Prosperity

You've probably seen cute little maneki-neko waving cat figurines beckoning shoppers from store, restaurant and other retail business windows. Indeed, they ARE beckoning – what may look like “waving” is actually the Japanese gesture for invitation. In any case, the popularity of these so-called “Chinese Lucky Cats” has exploded in recent years – business of all kinds and most any ethnic background have embraced the calico cat figurines, to the joy and delight of everyone!

Well, maybe not EVERY one... devoted dog-lovers have been itching to get in on the hot maneki-neko action and now they can, with this plush lucky dog. While unable to wave like those battery-powered storefront sentinels, these new “maneki-wan-chans” still have the power to beguile potential customers, not to mention your average everyday dog-owner who wants to bring some luck – and a little extra puppy love – to their hearths and homes.       

Plush Lucky Dogs Invite Waves Of Prosperity

Designed in Japan and made in China, these cute plushies stand 17cm tall by 10cm wide by 10cm deep (roughly 6.75” by 4” by 4”), and weigh approximately 90 grams or just over 3 ounces each.

They're made from 100% polyester fabric that's durable and color-fast. Choose from two different varieties: classic gold & cream “Shibata-san” Japanese Shiba dog or three-colored “Kuroyanagi” dog, both inspired by characters from the popular Shibata-san sticker series featured at the official LINE store. For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at Doctor's Advice Peppy.