The elephant mouse plush animal toy would make a great Year of the Rat gift, even more so if there actually was such a thing as an elephant mouse.       

HANSA Elephant Mouse Plush Animal Toy

2020 will be the Year of the Rat according to the Chinese Horoscope and toy manufacturers are already stocking store shelves – online and off – with YOTR merchandise. Among the many pages of cute, cuddly and in-your-face Chinese rat plush toys at Amazon, the HANSA Elephant Mouse Plush Animal Toy stuck out like a sore thumb. Or, say, like an elephant's trunk: something no self-respecting rodent has.

Indeed, there's no such thing as an “elephant mouse”. Besides the name being an obvious oxymoron. Consider that elephants and mice go together about as well as fire and water, bulls and red capes, or Democrats and Republicans. Maybe HANSA's product designers were thinking of Elephant Shrews, which actually DO exist though they're NOT actually shrews... or rodents... but ARE distantly related to elephants.   

Elephant Shrew

According to HANSA's sale copy, this 6” tall plush animal “comes with a Toys that Teach tag describing in detail the animal's habitat, lifestyle, gestation period, care of their young and eating habits.” Not bad, for an animal that doesn't exist.

But hey, who are we to quibble? Maybe an Elephant Mouse is your spirit animal and having one of these long-nosed, quite lifelike critters on your desk or bookshelf is essential for meditation sessions, personal nirvana and/or starting conversations. If so, don't wait to tame your inner shrew, head on over to the product page at Amazon and place your order. (elephant shrew image via Miguel Mendez

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