Many dogs absolutely love to find "their favorite stick' outside and use that as their toy. This can cause a problem. Many sticks have rough, sharp edges that can cause trauma to your pup. I have seen dogs come in to the vets office with their owners holding towels to their dogs faces because of the bleeding that was caused by the dog chewing on a stick. These sticks could also have chemicals on them, and worse case scenario, your dog could end up swallowing a piece of the stick, leaving you with a $1500 bill for emergency surgery.

Luckily, Petstages has come up with a better, much safer alternative.


Petstages Durable StickPetstages Durable Stick


 The Petstages Durable Stick is a smooth, non-toxic stick that your dogs can use for play time and chewing. The stick also has a natural wood smell to encourage your dog to chew on it. 30% of the stick is made out of real wood, again to encourage your dog. The stick is very durable and would really take some work for your dog to get through it. My dog is an average chewer; we have had this product for six months and it still looks new. 

This is what the stick will look like when it comes to you.

Petstages Durable Stick in PackagingPetstages Durable Stick in Packaging


One of my favorite things about this stick is that it even has the little 'nubs' on it like a real stick wood. Petstages made sure to include all of the little details to make this stick as realistic as possible. The stick even has little lines and grooves in it like a real stick wood.

 I am a huge fan of this product and think it should be high on the list for those who have dogs that love stick and/or love to chew. Even if you are just looking for a new toy to give to your pup, the Petstages Durable Stick will make a great addition.

 Click here for more info on the Petstages Durable Stick.

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