At PetSmart, Ellen DeGeneres In, Martha Stewart Out

As the pet market scales exponentially, celebrities have been cashing in on the trend for over a decade. And while big box stores and chains like Macy’s are going out of fashion for humans, PetSmart is leading the pack in ‘all things pets.’ This chain — considered by most the largest to serve the pet specialty market — is expanding as we speak. Last year alone they opened 60 stores. This year they plan to exceed that number.

Pet Market

The pet business' hefty market registered $62.2 billion in the U.S., last year, nearly quadrupling its numbers from the early 90’s, according to the American Pet Products Association. These figures come from APPA’s annual comprehensive report, which covers pet spending in the categories of food, supplies, medications, veterinary care, live animal purchases, fashion and other services.

“The pet humanization trend is alive and well and continues to drive growth at the premium end of the market,” said Bob Vetere, president and CEO of the APPA. “As millennials prepare to take the reins from the baby boomer generation as the primary demographic of pet owners, they stand to further develop this trend.”

Spending on supplies/OTC meds is reached an estimated $14.98 billion for 2016, making it the third highest spending category, behind food and narrowing the gap on veterinary care spending.  Pet supplies in this category include such items as: beds, collars, leashes, toys, litter, bedding, food and water bowls, clothing and other accessories.

It was in this segment of the market that Ellen Degeneres recently took the lead from Martha Stewart.

ED Line

Ellen DeGeneres’s 250-item ED pet lifestyle brand was announced on February 1 at PetSmart. In so doing, the pet chain is going to phase out Martha Stewart’s pet line to make room for the comedian’s products. There has been no formal announcement from the brand as to why they’ve made this decision, particularly since PetSmart was in full promotion-mode advertising Stewart’s pet products over the 2016 Christmas holiday season. Martha Stewart has commented either.

“I can barely contain how excited I am to be working with PetSmart. My dogs and I have been running in circles for hours,” stated Ellen DeGeneres.

The complete ED pet collection is expected in all 1,450 stores soon with seasonal updates. The assortment, expected to be priced in the $10 to $50 range, will include pet apparel, beds, bowls, collars, leashes, harnesses, toys and pet carriers, as well as shampoo and other at-home grooming supplies.

"We are thrilled about this collaboration with the ED brand and Ellen, who shares our view that pets make us better people. She is passionate about pets, a tremendously creative design talent and people relate to her and love Ellen’s view on life. She is extremely relevant, especially among millennials, an important demographic that is moving into pet parenthood at a significant rate,” said Ted Passig, EVP of Buying and Sourcing for PetSmart. “Ellen’s unique ED design aesthetic has been brought to life in her work on home design, architecture and a range of human products – and we are excited to be working with her on her very first pet lifestyle brand.”

What about Kitty?

So if the ED brand is all about Fido, what happens to Fuffy? Not to worry . . . a cat line is in the works and on tap to be launched in the Fall, 2017.