Pets On A Plane Go “Furs Class” Again

Over the years, I’ve researched and covered stories about airlines providing pet service on flights. From cargo, to ‘comfort animals’ flying in coach to one airline by the appropriate name of Pet Airways dedicating a whole airline to the transport of pets, there is an apparent demand for this type of accommodation. As a result, it has prompted other airlines to take this idea one step further with the introduction of ’first class.’

Classy Pets

This past January, on an Etihad Airways flight, a Saudi Arabian prince purchased individual airfares for 80 falcons, along with their required passports. It appears if you’re traveling with your pet falcon and don’t want to put them in the cargo hold, this airline can accommodate you. And if you're flying with more than one bird-of-prey, the airlines policy states you’ll need to purchase their first class tickets.

The airline didn't say why their policy specifically allows falcons on board, but given that falconry (the practice of training the birds to hunt) is extremely popular in the United Arab Emirates, it does make sense that the nation's flag carrier would offer this type of service.

Based on this success, Victor, one of the fastest growing private jet charter services in Britain picked up on the idea of offering first class service for pet owners and their furry friends.

In honor of the 35th anniversary of National Pet Week on May 13, this airline offers a “Furs Class” option for any guest flying with a four-legged companion. With no membership or subscription free to become a Victor user, the Robb Report Luxury Newswire reported passengers “will be able to instantly avoid the traumatizing experience of cargo units and keep their precious pet right where they belong – in your lap!”

David Young, SVP of North America for Victor noted: “We are always striving to provide a stress-free travel experience – for both our human users and their pets. We understand that holds in commercials aircrafts carry a risk, and therefore Victor provides the best possible solution for you and your pet to travel in style.”

Victor’s “Furs Class” Benefits

Putting your pet in the hold of a commercial aircraft always carries a risk. Cargo is a dark, cold and frightening place to be for one’s pet, especially those who may become stressed being away from their owners for any length of time.

The benefits of taking advantage of Victor’s pet service are as follows:

  • When you fly with Victor, you can take your pet in the cabin with you.
  • Avoid the stress of having to put your pet into the hold
  • Very small pets fly for free
  • Call the Victor Team for expert advice on flying with your pet
  • We promise you peace of mind and a stress-free and grateful pet.

In interested, you can contact the Victor team to discuss your individual needs. For further information, also take a look at their FAQs and read about our 'furs class' press coverage.