After the Rapture pet services


There are a lot of scams out there. What’s so bewildering about many of them is how absurd they are and how many people fall for them. Sometimes they’re centered round animals, like dog-nappers making off with a cherished family pet only to wait for the missing posters to turn up in hopes of a reward. Now, there’s a questionable service for folks with pets that are waiting for the rapture.

Pets After Rapture

To begin with, this is not to say the service Pets After Rapture is a scam or that the rapture will never come, but it does raise a lot of questions. According to the website, for a fee of either $10 or $15 a month, depending on which package you choose, after you’re swept up to heaven a “non-believer” volunteer will be in charge of caring for your pet.


Pet Sitters

Pet Sitters

I guess you could call them pet sitters. The site describes it this way:

                                                    How We Do It

We are the “middle man” between your pets and the animal-loving non-believers who will be around after the rapture.

The wording of this may lead one to assume that the “middle man” is also a believer. How, then, will they be around to continue to run the service and ensure that the “non-believer” volunteers are actually providing the services after they, too, are swept up in the rapture?

Can you trust a non-believer, animal lovers or not? And, better yet, as a believer, do you want your pet spending the rest of their natural lives with a non-believer or, worse yet, possibly an atheist?


Pet services

Protect Your Pet from Today to Eternity

These are thorny issues. Also, what do they do with your monthly payments between now and the rapture? Are they tucking them away in an account set up for when the big day arises to be distributed to the volunteers then? And doesn’t the word volunteer usually denote a non-paying position?

Do All Dogs Go to Heaven?

And, hypothetically, assuming the payments are for the volunteers for the animals’ upkeep, again who will distribute the funds to the “volunteers” when they’re called to action once the believing “middle man” (or men) are swept away? Is this an honor system setup like those cardboard boxes filled with candy that you’re trusted to leave money for whatever you take, only in this case you’d be withdrawing funds somehow for your “volunteer work”?


pet caretakers

Three Easy Steps

Not surprisingly, Pets After Rapture isn't the only service of its kind. There are at least two others with similar names providing essentially the same so-called services — or at least accepting your money for them.

All you have to do is sign up your pet for the care-giving package of your choice and provide them with a payment. They will then “match your pet with a caretaker.” After that, just sit back and “wait for the rapture.” As soon as it hits, a non-believing “volunteer will be dispatched to your home.”

I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.