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Plan ahead


Nobody likes to think about it, but the reality is sooner or later everyone’s time comes to pass. Since it’s a matter of course, regardless of our wishes, it makes sense to plan for it — especially if your passing effects loved ones left behind. And those loved ones needn’t necessarily be of the human kind. It’s not only a good idea to plan for the future of your pets, but a prudent one as well. After all, who will care for them should you suddenly fall ill or pass?

Pet Retirement Homes

As Baby Boomers continue to age, the U.S. faces one of the largest groups in history to reach their golden years all at once. This has and will continue to present many challenges, but taking the lead and planning ahead can lessen the impact on the lives around you. If you’ve got pets whose own lives might exceed that of your own, what provisions have you made for their care after you pass? A lot of folks are looking into pet retirement homes.


planning for senior animals
Senior pets are harder to place

Aging Caregiver & Animal Populations

Basically unheard of in the past, facilities have started to crop up around the country and the world, for that matter, which will take in animals belonging to individuals who have gone on to the next life without anyone to care for the pets they’ve left behind. These facilities don’t discriminate by age or health conditions either, so elderly pets and those with special needs can still find safety and security when their owners can no longer care for them.

Pet Planning

For anyone who is elderly or in poor health it is important to plan for your pet or pets’ future. Without a plan in place they could end up in a shelter. A lot of people wonder if they can leave provisions in their will that would ensure the care of their animals. Plans can be made informally and formally. According to the ASPCA, a pet trust is probably a better idea than will instructions, as delays in estate administration can drag on for months or even years, leaving your pets hanging.


Care facilities for cats
Caring for your putty tat

Dogs, Cats & Horses

Of course, you’ll have to do your homework and begin the search for pet retirement homes in your area. In Tucson, AZ, there is a facility called Hearts that Purr Feline Guardians that takes in cats. Gaithersburg, MD, is home to House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary for dogs. At the Shannon Foundation in St. Clair, MO, retired pets and farm animals can find sanctuary, and just north of the border in Ontario, Canada, Sheba’s Haven Rescue offers retirement and hospice care for dogs.

After you’ve had an opportunity to digest all this, start thinking about your pets and how you’d like to see them cared for in the future. Doing so will be one less difficult decision to worry about later on.