A three-foot tall, seven-pound pet rabbit named Dory that had only been with her caretakers for some three months, showed her true colors as a heroine and loyal pet when her owner passed out while watching television.

Simon Steggall Was Completely Unaware of Pending Danger

Simon, aged 42, who hails from Cambridgeshire, England, has been a diabetic since childhood, having to inject insulin four times daily. He had no warning that he was about to become dangerously ill. He said: "One moment I am vertical watching television and the next I am waking up with a paramedic. It's like the flick of a switch." (See: Cat Is Night Time Nurse To Diabetic Child.)

Dory To The Rescue

Dory the rabbit came to her owner's rescue by jumping on his chest and thumping furiously. Steggall stated: "The rabbit came up on my lap and started tapping and digging at my chest and looking at my face. That caught my wife, Victoria's attention, and she knew something was wrong." She is an ambulance driver and thought her husband had just nodded off. After a few failed attempts to bring him around, she called the paramedics for help. In her own words" "I work for the ambulance service and I am embarrassed that the rabbit spotted it before I did." (See: Pudding : Wisonsin's LIfe-Saving Cat.)


Dory The Hero Rabbit
Photo: ViralNova

When Simon's wife told their doctor about what had transpired, he was very surprised. He remarked that he had heard of cats and dogs often acting in such a fashion, but never a rabbit. Dory is not the first pet to respond to her owner's diabetic reaction. Simon told the press that he once had a black Lab that would cower in a corner whenever his blood sugar levels fell dangerously low. (See: Pride of Lions Save Girl From Kidnappers)

Dory is a heroine who is well-loved and very much appreciated by her caretakers. Simon and Victoria are grateful every day for her actions, although she is still not allowed on the furniture! (See: Hero Cat Takes Bullet Meant For Three-Year-Old.)

Good job, Dory!

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Source: ViralNova