He's no IKEA Monkey but Hamlet the pig from Portage has a nose for home reno deals, trotting over to a nearby Home Depot store when high winds blew down his yard's fence.  

Pet Pig's Fence Blows Down So He Trots Over To Home Depot

High winds wreaked all sorts of havoc in the Midwest and Northeast recently but this tale has a happy ending at least. It seems that Hamlet, a pet pig from Portage, Michigan, escaped his owner's yard when gale-force winds damaged the fence. All undressed-up and had no place to go, Hamlet trotted down the road for almost a mile before arriving at a Home Depot store.

Hey, someone's gotta fix that fence and Home Depot had the tools and supplies needed to do it. Unfortunately Hamlet didn't think his cunning plan through: it's hard to hold a hammer when your thumbs (or whatever pigs have that are thumb-like) aren't opposable.

Pet Pig's Fence Blows Down So He Trots Over To Home Depot

Though it appeared Hamlet would end up as bacon, luck smiled down upon him in the form of Home Depot employee Amanda James. “We looked out the side door and there was a pig on the hill,” related James. “He's super friendly, he's very sweet, doesn't make too much noise, believe it or not."

James keeps some dog biscuits in her cash register drawer (who are we to wonder why?) and used a few of them to calm Hamlet down enough to collar him with a leash she fashioned from rope. It's Yankee ingenuity, I tells ya... OK, Kalamazoo County ingenuity.

Pet Pig's Fence Blows Down So He Trots Over To Home Depot

Going above and beyond the call of duty, James then brought the biscuit-pacified Hamlet to her home. She then snapped a photo and posted it on the Facebook community page "Kalamazoo Area Lost Pets". The photo was shared nearly 500 times over the next couple of hours.

“That was my first thought, was ‘this has got to be someone's pet,’” explained James. “If it were my animal missing, I would want them to do the same thing.” Portage (pop. 46,000 or so) isn't exactly a megalopolis so sure enough, Rachael Fairbotham (Hamlet's owner) soon got wind of James' Facebook post and recognized her pet. “I was happy, I almost cried when I finally saw him,” said the relieved Fairbotham. “I didn't think I would again.” As for Hamlet, he's back in his re-fenced yard and by all accounts, is happier than a pig in a poke. (via MLive Michigan and WWMT)