Locking and unlocking your iPhone with Touch ID is secure for sure but a Japanese woman goes one step further using her pet hedgehog's itty-bitty paw print.  

Pet Hedgehog Unlocks Owner's iPhone With Touch ID

Apple Inc.'s Touch ID fingerprint recognition feature is currently available on iPhones, iPads and the MacBook Pro. Registering for the system requires users to press their fingerprint against the home button; a sensor within “maps” the fingerprint and saves the biometric data in the device.

Pet Hedgehog Unlocks Owner's iPhone With Touch ID

Naturally, Apple designed Touch ID with human fingers in mind. Naturally, humans will find some way to subvert such a system and Twitter user @ha_ri_ay managed to do so in an unexpected fashion... with the “help” of her pet hedgehog, Sashimi. That's the hedgehog's name. Thankfully he/she doesn't know what it means.


Sashimi can be seen in the video above, looking somewhat bemused (if a hedgehog can actually look bemused) as the phone's owner gently places the cute critter's front paw over the home button. It takes a couple of tries but at last success is achieved! Now her iPhone is so secure, Sashimi and ONLY Sashimi can unlock it. There's only one question left to answer: what will live longer, her hedgehog or her iPhone. (via UPI)