pet-friendly accessories for cars


Most shopping is done via the Internet anymore, and Google keeps track of what we're looking for, and here in the U.S. it's pet-friendly accessories we can use in our vehicles. That's because we are obsessed with our pets. It's no secret. We consider them our kids and take care of them as such. We also spend millions if not billions of dollars every year on our furry, feathered and scaly loved ones.

Google Search

Google recently revealed that on average pet-related searches in the U.S. are conducted 36 more times than in Germany and 10 times more than in Japan, solidifying our reign as the leading nation in pet obsession. But the reason they chose these three countries to examine trends is because all three have their own automotive industries.

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According to Yarden Horwitz, the trendspotting lead for Google, “Consumers are also going to figure out how to enhance the driving experience for the pet who is their newest family member. Millennials are thinking of pets as their family members, so they are going to rethink how a car is being used by pets.”

Pet-Friendly Car Accessories

Since there's no denying sales figures and search engine stats, there's no sense in denying we are always looking for ways to spend money on our pets, but looking for pet-friendly car accessories just makes us more responsible pet owners, right? There's nothing wrong with searching for the best pet harnesses, carriers, drop cloths for seats, cooling gel pads and whatever other pet-related travel accessory.

Safety First

Some states are even considering introducing legislation that would make it mandatory for pets to be secured with harnesses that snap into your car's safety belt buckle. That's as much for your safety as your pet's, because they can turn into a projectile should you have to slam on the breaks or if you get hit by another vehicle. For that matter, so can an unsecured box of Kleenex, but that's another story.

Regardless, if you are one of the millions of people that perform pet-friendly car accessory searches on any search engine, give yourself a pat on the back for being a good pet parent when you travel.

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