Mookkie A.I. Pet Bowl

Mookkie Pet Bowl With Facial Recognition


No one has convinced me yet that a feeding bowl for pets needs wi-fi connectivity, but such bowls are available. After all, there are some folks who enjoy watching their pets eat and confusing them by saying sweet nothings on a screen that their pets probably cannot make out.

I do like the idea of the Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder though (reviewed here). This was designed primarily for multi-pet households where you want to make sure that each pet eats his or her prescribed food and in the proper amounts. The Surefeed reads your pet's already implanted microchip, or, can read a chip inside an accompanying collar tag.


Mookkie A.I. Pet Food Bowl


The new Mookkie™ debuted at the 2019 Computer Electronic Show (CES) this month, will compete with the Surefeed. But the Mookkie is the first pet feeder to use facial recognition software to distinguish between your pets. It  specifically employs Volta® Artificial Intelligence, used in some of the newer phone unlocking systems. The face it recognizes is your pet's, the one that's supposed to be eating from the bowl in question. On newer phones you may be able to lock and unlock the Mookkie; otherwise you need to leave it to the intended pet.

Designed in Italy, the Mookkie is sleek and stylish. Made of polypropylene, the bowl is easy to keep clean inside and out. The food bowl is ergonomically curved toward the center and the cover slides compactly over it to keep food fresh.

The Mookkie is expected to be available for sale in the U.S. beginning in September, 2019.



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