You and your dog can do a little bonding over the game with more than beer and dog treats when you dress your dog for game day. Share your passion for your favorite team by getting your pooch its own team fan gear. Just try not to embarrass your darling dog too much. They have feelings too. Go big, go small -- just go team! 

 Bulldog as Georgia Tech Cheerleader (Public Domain Image)Bulldog as Georgia Tech Cheerleader (Public Domain Image)

Just for Halloween

Suiting up your dog for the big game may not be everyone's cup of cocoa, but maybe you'd just like a little Halloween fun.

 Football Halloween CostumeFootball Halloween Costume

This fashionable hound Halloween costume is light weight and features a full uniform (sans padding) There is even a faux helmet to complete the ensemble.  Available in red or blue. For more information, click here.

Team Bandana

For those who aren't quite so ambitious in trying to get their canine clothed, there are simpler ways to go about it from team-branded leashes and collars to the old standard bandanas.

 Team Logo BandanaTeam Logo Bandana

This is a great choice if your dog isn't too keen on dressing like a human. It's simple, clean, and what most dogs are used to wearing. To find your favorite team bandana, start here.

Team Jersey

The next step up is to get your dog a jersey for your favorite team. The two of you can have matching outfits or just create your own team mascot. 

 Broncos Dog JerseyBroncos Dog Jersey

These jerseys come in a wide variety of teams, both college and professional. They can be a bit time consuming to search for. Searching by your team name, such as Denver Broncos, can help you get there a little faster. To check out team jerseys, click here.

Team Hoodie

For those frostier days of the football season and that great tailgate party, you might be able to find a team hoodie for your dog. You can find different weights from a thin cotton-Lycra blend to polar fleece.

 University of Colorado Dog HoodieUniversity of Colorado Dog Hoodie

This great hoodie for the University of Colorado is great for game days or any day on campus or around town. It's a great example of all-around dog gear. To check this out, click here.

Team Cheerleader

This is for those hardcore fan dogs and those without issues with self-consciousness. Let it all out and let your canine become that sexy and gorgeous diva dog you know she really is. Let her really shake that booty!

 Chicago Bears CheerleaderChicago Bears Cheerleader

Finding your team's cheerleader outfit may be a little harder. It looks like not all teams have cheerleader outfits for dogs. Consider taking a dog t-shirt and find a skirt to go along with it. To start your cheerleader search, click here.

Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar -- all for dog game gear stand up and holler!

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