PTA workers using a borrowed crane rescued a pair of billy goats gruff trapped beneath a bridge in western Pennsylvania.  

Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority Really Gets Their Goats

No trolls were injured and no tolls were paid when Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation workers, and Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority employees teamed up to rescue two farm goats from a sticky situation. The Capricorn couple had wandered onto a steel structural beam running beneath the Mahoning River Bridge near New Castle, Pennsylvania.    

Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority Really Gets Their Goats

The bridge supports the Beaver Valley Expressway about 150 to 200 feet above the Mahoning River. When the goats found their forward progress blocked by one of the bridge's vertical supports, the 8-inch-wide beam afforded them no room to turn around. It wasn't long before Pennsylvania State Police were alerted to the goats' plight.    

Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority Really Gets Their Goats

An unprecedented level of inter-agency communication was exercised over the approximately 18 hours it took to rescue the goats. Key to the operation was PennDOT (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation), who generously lent PTA workers the use of a crane equipped with a “cherry-picker”, usually employed to service streetlights along the turnpike.

Luckily for all concerned, the goats were tame enough to cooperate with their rescuers and were delivered back home feeling, we presume, somewhat sheepish. (via WGAL-8 and WPIV-TV)


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