Most people eat chocolate directly from the wrapper or bag it was packaged in. Some transfer the extra pieces of chocolate into a jar or dispenser of some sort. While others--well, others want to eat their chocolate only after it's been pooped out by an animal of some sort. A penguin or a moose, maybe.

Before you start getting all disgusted and making faces though, I meant when they're pooped from out of these adorable Penguin Pooper Dispensers.


By now, you probably understand what I mean by "pooped out." You can fill these adorable animal-themed dispensers with tiny pieces of chocolate that will be dispensed from the animal's behind.

It's a fun contraption that will bring a smile on the faces of the people who are waiting to get their sweet chocolate treats.


Get one for yourself, for your kids, for your friends, and for whoever else you think would enjoy having one of these Penguin Poopers around. They're available from for around $6.00. What will you be filling your own Penguin Pooper with?

Update: There are several other animal poop dispensers available, so if you like the idea of them, go and check out  the Pooping Panda, the Pooping Sheep and many more here.

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