Have you ever heard of dog house envy?  Neither have I. But studying the rationale of this Canine's Passive Solar Condominium truly makes me envious. All homes should be made according to passive solar energy principles.


Passive Solar Canine Condominium

Canine's Passive Solar Condominium

This stunning dog house, "worthy of a spread in Architectural Digest," has no bulky solar tiles on its roof, no solar shades, and no clunky remote solar racks hanging in its vicinity. It is naturally solar -  natural by the combination of materials and methods used to design it.

The science of passive solar energy has been around for thousands of years. Ever wonder how the Greeks lived without heat in the winter or coolness on a summer's eve?

They didn't live that way.... They knew how to take advantage of passive solar energy. (There is even evidence that more ancient cultures took advantage of this natural offering.)  

People in Ancient Greece figured out that facing a home southward, having a large roof, a place to store natural heat and wind energy, and a means of air circulation was critical, and they built their homes in this fashion. These scientific principles were applied in architecture for thousands of years, throughout the world, until coal, electricity, and gas began to fuel our homes - and, more recently, until industrial style grids ruined the visual appeal of our homes. 

There are still many countries and cultures that rely on passive solar energy design; some of these countries don't have electricity and others don't want to rely on it.  (Can you imagine how much money we could save if we didn't pay for heat and air conditioning!)

Back to the exquisite Canine Passive Solar Condominium.

We start with the elements of the condo.... First, let's look at the window side, below. That is the side of the house that is supposed to face south, and that side will absorb the winter sun. The window is perforated to allow both light (heat) and air into the condo.  The condo also has natural ventilation under the roof, as well as through the front and back of the condo.

Canine's Passive Solar Condominium


The roof of the house, shown below, is made of sturdy, long-lasting Brazilian Teak, which will absorb the heat of the summer sun, higher in the sky than the winter sun, as well as provide shade to the house in the summer.


Canine Passive Solar Condo


The floor is made of concrete, a heat-absorbing material, which makes even the floor a cozy place to take a snooze in the winter. But if your dog prefers something more cushy, the Canine's Passive Solar Condominium comes with a Jax & Bones memory foam pillow, raised stainless steel water and dinner bowls, and a big sign identifying the canine occupant of the castle!

Canine's Passive Solar Condominium


If you just have to have this architecturally and scientifically sound Canine's Passive Solar Condominium for yourself or your dog,  please visit none-other-than Hammacher Schlemmer!

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