Panda Shorts are cute, comfortable, and as wild as their namesakes roaming the forested hills and valleys of Szechuan, China. Do you dare to go bear, or will the sight of Panda Shorts make you eat, shoot and leaves

Panda Shorts: Do You Dare to Go Bear?

Panda Shorts made a big splash in Shanghai in April of 2011 when a group of nubile young Chinese girls marched down clean, clear Nanjing Road led by an oversized (and likely overheated) Panda mascot. The Panda Shorts worn by the girls looked MUCH better than those worn by the mascot, needless to say.

Nanjing Road is famed for being one of the world's busiest shopping streets with an estimated 1 million visitors browsing the pedestrian-only thoroughfare each day. If you're planning to launch what could be one of the years hottest and oddest fashion trends, Nanjing Road is ideal for photo (and in this case, bamboo) shoots.

Panda Shorts: Do You Dare to Go Bear?

Panda Shorts are currently available online from China Department Online Store priced at $40.63 for one pair or $38.74 for 2 or more pairs. Specs of note are the length (30cm) and waist: (54 to 73cm via an elastic waistband). The stretchy nature of the shorts allows them to be listed as "free size", meaning one size fits all unless you're, shall we say, panda-sized.