Halloween is a time that can be a little batty. If you need to find the perfect gift for someone special this Halloween consider the adorableness of Beanie Boo Igor the Bat or Beanie Boo Scarem the Bat. They are each cute overload with fangs!

Beanie Boo Igor the Bat
Beanie Boo Igor the Bat

From Ty, the same people who brought you Beanie Babies are Beanie Boos. These sweet little plush animals come with big, soulful eyes and an extra dose of cute.

Beanie Boo Scarem the Bat

Igor the Bat is black with purple accents and green feet. Scarem looks like his brother (sister?) with orange ears and feet with rainbow wings. They are great gifts for anyone who has reached the age of at least 3. They are great for those really into Halloween or just batty about bats.

To order Beanie Boo Igor the Bat, click here. To order Beanie Boo Scarem the Bat, click here.

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