If you love taking your dog or cat everywhere, or if you hate having to
carry your dog or cat everywhere, you might need a pet stroller. Here
are a couple of nice options.

Option #1: Classic 4 Wheel Pet Stroller by BestPet

Shown here in leopard print, this fashionable stroller also comes in zebra print and solid colors like pink and blue.



One satisfied customer notes: "My cats are so thrilled with their new stroller! Now I can take them out, go to the lake so that they can see ducks, frogs and other animals they like to hunt."



Option #2: Happy Trails Stroller by Pet Gear

This lovely stroller is great for hitting the trails -- or the mall. It's better than a carrier for moving a small pet through a crowded environment. One customer writes: "I am glad I bought this for my trip to New Orleans; it helped move my dog safely while attending a convention of about 1500 people in the hotel."



Either stroller would be a fine choice. The Classic 4 Wheel Stroller is available through Amazon for around $55. The Happy Trails Stroller costs just under $90 and is also available through Amazon.

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