These 7 closed and abandoned pet shops... are no more! They have ceased to be! The owners have run down the curtains and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!! THESE ARE EX-PET SHOPS!!   



7) Zoo Long & Farewell

closed & abandoned pet shops

The Zoohaus-Altrock pet shop closed in March of 2011 after providing bundles of furry, scaly and feathery joy to the residents of Wiesbaden, Germany, for an astounding 92 years! One might say it was a pet(ting) zoo before there were petting zoos. In almost-as-saddening news, whatever will happen to the charming climbing black cat figurine affixed just to the right of the main sign? (abandoned pet shop image via Arjan Richter 



6) Pigeon-Holed

closed & abandoned pet shops

This closed pet shop in Bristol, England is about as bland-looking as a retail store can get. That said, the signage is confusing and what's the deal with the seven-digit number... street address or phone number? Maybe both! As for the fur and the feathers, the former are out of stock while the latter can be found in abundance just outside. (abandoned pet shop image via shrinkin'violet)


5) IAM No More

closed & abandoned pet shops

This abandoned pet store in Pittsgrove Township, New Jersey displays some attractive architectural features though no sign of a sign is in sight... say that six times quickly! We do like the IAMS pet food poster tacked to the wall outside, however, even if what appears to be a clothing donation box is crowding its space. (abandoned pet shop image via Thomas   



4) Pet Paradise Lost

closed & abandoned pet shops

Paradise Pets was a "tropical and marine aquaria" located in Shoreham-by-Sea, England. We're guessing the "by-Sea" part helped the store maintain its stock. Don't mourn for Paradise Pets, however, as the management simply ditched the run-down storefront above and opened up in a new space right 'round the corner. (abandoned pet shop image via Jon Southcoasting)


3) In Hot Water

Remember Smokey the Bear's famous motto, “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires”? Well, unfortunately pet stores don't sell bears. In an ironic twist, the Aquatic Pet Shop in Middlesbrough, UK, burned down. If only there was some kind of liquid close at hand which could be used to help extinguish the fire. (abandoned pet shop image via David Barrie)


2) Reptilian Needs?

closed & abandoned pet shops

What the heck does a reptile need, aside from someplace warm to sleep each night and something to eat each month? This shop in Coventry, England is shown on the verge of closing - some of the signage is already down. It didn't close for lack of business, though. The owner was hit with a hefty fine for unauthorized "trading" in reptiles. There you have it - the most important reptile need is a license to sell reptiles! (abandoned pet shop image via Hazel Nicholson)  


1) Stop Hammerhead Time

closed & abandoned pet shops

Well, this is certainly creepy: a retail store that appears to be protesting its closing. We read the signage in the voice of HAL-9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey, as Dave Bowman was removing his logic circuits. The truth is less stranger than fiction, however... there used to be a "PET" up there, giving the store the nifty name of "PET STOP". (abandoned pet shop image via Victor Reynolds)

So, how much is that puppy in the broken window? Priceless, it would seem, as there are no longer any puppies, kittens, parakeets, tropical fish or any other pets-in-waiting waiting to be pets. Maybe that's just as well, as the only silver lining to this 7-layer cloud is that the store stock are no longer IN stock. One would hope they all found new and better forever homes long before the flashing neon OPEN signs flickered out.




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