Official licensed team sportswear for dogs
Go team! Frenchies showing off their pride for the SF Giants

Each year football season rolls around and with it comes a plethora of super fun gear for pet owners and their pets to help show support of their favorite teams. Sure, two-legged fans of the games may have to shop official NFL outlets for their gear, but keeping your pets stylishly decked to the nines in your team’s logo-emblazoned sportswear is a whole lot easier. That’s because pet box stores like PetSmart, Pet Supermarket and others carry matching pet-wear jerseys and other paraphernalia that make watching the games together that much more fun.

2016 football season
Football season is officially here

Sportswear Jerseys, Sweaters & Coats

Clothes for such sports as baseball, football and basketball are probably the most well known form of gear for pets. The beauty of these pet-sized jerseys is that they perfectly match their human equivalent. That’s because they are licensed team accessories for the ultimate fans. Whereas pet owners used to take their old team jerseys and try and retrofit them for their dogs with their own hasty alterations (i.e. tying them, rolling up the sleeves or making a few critical cuts here and there), now you can just get one that’s already the right size with the front already shortened so your pup doesn’t make a mess of it when it comes time to do their business.

Official NFL gear for dogs at PetSmart
Get your official NFL gear for dogs at places like PetSmart

Gearing Up for Game Day

If you want your pet to show his or her flair beyond game day, the licensed accessories go beyond clothes. You can find a wonderful assortment of pet collars and leashes with your team’s logo prominently featured for year-round fan support. And it doesn’t end there. Pet harnesses with official team logos proudly displayed on them can help boost your pets MVP style status as well. Like the collars, these are year-round accessories that don’t need to be saved just for sport season. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and feature your team’s logo front and center. There will be no mistaking who your pet is rooting for.

Superbowl game day snacks
Besides the game day snacks, don't forget your pup's accessories

Pet Toys & End-Zone Fun

Toys shaped like football fields with all the yard, hash and end lines replicated on them can be purchased, along with plushy toys like bears and dogs wearing team jerseys or waving pennants can be found for pets as well. Another popular toy is the plushy football with knotted rope ends for games of tug of war between you and your pet or for pet owners with multiple dogs. There are a lot of clever toys in varying materials to choose from if you want to show your support in this way and give your pup something to do while you’re cheering on the team or rallying against a ref’s questionable call.

team logo stencils for dogs at PetSmart
The ultimate Kansas City fan (image via PetSmart)

Putting Your Game Face On

Of all the items available for sporting fans' pets that seem to really represent the spirit of the games comes the team logo stencils. Much like human fans paint their faces, bodies and bellies on game day, now your pet can get in on the action, too, with a little body color via a fun stencil. This is one accessory you’ll have to have applied by a groomer at PetSmart, though. They’re super cheap, at $8, but you’ll have to take your lovable pooch in to one of their salon locations.

Now, if you’re crafty and have even the slightest bit of artistic ability, you can probably make a stencil at home from a thin piece of stiff cardboard. Just trace over the logo on a piece of your existing NFL merch with tissue paper and then trace that onto the cardboard. Once that's accomplished, cut out the silhouette. It’s a good idea to use body paint rather than spray paint. Most craft stores or departments should carry colors that are safe, non-toxic and washable.

NFL stencils for dogs at PetSmart
Groomers can make your dog a work of art (image via PetSmart)

Winning Touchdown

Last but not least, there are a few ways you can personalize or finish off the look you’re trying to achieve if you’re a super fan. For instance, many football fans will paint their dog’s toenails with team colors. If you can get them to sit still long enough or catch them while they’re sleeping, it’s the ultimate finishing touch. Speaking of finishing touches, don’t forget the bandana with your team’s logo for your best buddy. These can work better with pets that don’t tolerate clothes very well. If your pet does, then you may want to consider a hat to seal the deal. However you go about it, you and your pets will score on game day while showing your team pride.

doggie pedicures
Instead of a French manicure use your team's colors for additional flair