Tokyo Gas's new teddy bear mascot named Paccho has disturbingly detailed buttocks that emit blue flames.

New Tokyo Gas Mascot Is A Flatulent Bear

Tokyo Gas is Japan's largest natural gas utility so of course, their corporate mascot perfectly reflects the firm's preeminent position in the industry. That was the plan, at least, and you know how the best-laid plans of mice, men and marketing departments all too often work out. Paccho the flatulent bear is a perfect example.  

New Tokyo Gas Mascot Is A Flatulent Bear

Paccho doesn't give a toot what you think – he's here for the long haul. The Tokyo Gas loyalty points redemption page offers a small range of items including coin purses, kleenex box holders, gloves, bookends, and a small plush doll... the latter posed with its money-maker primed and ready for action. Hey, the company motto isn't “myTOKYOGAS” for nuthin'!


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