Don't TAKE a cat-nap, MAKE one with the innovative and sustainable Neko Cup napping cat sand castle mold.

Neko Cup Napping Cat Mold

Old and busted at the beach: sand castles. New summer hotness: napping cats made of beach sand! The Neko Cup is a lightweight hollow mold that lets you cover the beach in sleeping cats, if that's what you desire... and face it, who doesn't desire that?

When you get tired of sand-molding (or run out of sand, whichever comes first), your Neko Cup reverts to a passive sculpture of a napping cat suitable for any mantelpiece, window sill or office bookcase.   

Neko Cup Napping Cat Mold

Do we really need more plastic at the beach? No, no we don't... and the Neko Cup won't add to the planet's problems 'cuz it's composed of sustainable biomass in the form of bamboo fiber and ground scallop shell waste.

That might sound a little grungy but it sure looks good in your choice of black, white or beige. Each Neko Cup weighs roughly 150-175 grams (almost 6 ounces), and they measure 233mm long by 121mm wide by 90mm tall (about 9” by 4.75” by 3.5”).

Neko Cup Napping Cat Mold

The Neko Cup was created for Japanese design brand h-concept by Yuka Morii. The designer explained to Spoon and Tamago that “she loves seeing cats sleeping on the sidewalk and she wanted to preserve that warm feeling she gets when she spots one out of the corner of her eye.”

Now you can preserve that warm feeling as well – not to mention, make others feel warm as well. The Neko Cup is available from the h-concept online shop or from Koncent, priced at 2,916 yen (about $27) each. (via PR Times)