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Pets bring joy and love into our lives. They can lower our blood pressure and ease our depression. Many of them are trained to become service animals that go on to improve the lives of others while enriching our own. With all of the wonderful things our pets bring us, it’s only natural we’d want to set aside a day to honor them. Well, that day is here. Yup, it’s National Pet Day, according to the calendar, and that begs the question how are you spending it?

national pet day fun
Play Frisbee with your dog

Observing National Pet Day

Today is the day to shower a little extra love and attention on our pets. You can do this by taking your dog or dogs to the park, for a quick hike, or even just for a ride up to the store and back. Rover not a fan of the car? No worries. Tossing a ball or a Frisbee around the backyard will sate his or her yen for attention just as well. Maybe some belly rubs are in order or a little extra praise when they get something right. Kind words and a pat on the head go a long way.

national pet day
Give a pal a paw with their grooming needs

Cat Fancy

Some cats love nothing more than a good brushing. If you’ve got a putty tat that enjoys a bit of help in the grooming department, get out your mitt and go to town on all that extra fur. Now’s the time of year many animals are losing their winter coats. You’ll kill two birds with one stone by making their life a little happier and saving your spring-cleaning energy for something besides Swiffering or Roomba-ing your way around the house.

Rub my belly & give me a treat
Rub my belly & give me a treat!

Homemade Pet Treats

Another easy way to show your pets how much you love them is to make some healthy homemade treats. There are numerous recipes for dog treats that can be made in no time, many of which only require freezing after a quick mix. For cats, consider buying a kit for growing your own catnip. It doesn’t come any fresher than that. If you’ve got small animals or fish, give them a small piece of fresh fruit or a few diced pieces of vegetable.

dog grooming and pet sps
Spring for a spa day

Spa Day for Pets

While not all pets look forward to the groomer, if yours does then spring for a spa day. There’s nothing wrong with an unscheduled shampoo, massage and pedicure every once in a while. Places like PetSmart offer some amazing package deals, if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to your local groomer or pet spa. Depending on where you live, it might be time for their summer crew cut, anyways.

adopt rescue pets
Adopt me!

Adopt a Pet

While the Adopt a Pet observance just recently passed, that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and make some animal’s life a thousand times better by rescuing it from a shelter or the pound. Afterwards, you can stop by your local pet store and pick up a few necessities like bowls, a pet bed, food and treats, a cage or whatever else they require. As an added benefit, almost all pet stores welcome customer pets these days.

How are you observing National Pet Day? Tell us in the comment section below.