Move Over SXSW, Austin ADOPTS Dog By DogWest

Austin, long known for its iconic March extravanganza known globally as South By Southwest gives birth to a new Texan happening. Now, in its 30th year, SWSW will share the spotlight with DXDW [ aka Dog by DogWest ]. That’s right . . . this year, digital crusaders who annually pay homage to new tech will be able take home an adopted pup.

Spirit of Southwest

In the spirit of the SXSW festival, the No Kill Austin Animal Center is where it's all happening, It is the hosting venue for the adoption event. DXDW, to be held on March 10 and 17 is providing for the adoptions of more than 200 dogs completely free. (The adoption fee is normally $75.)

Swagging the Dog . . .

But, it doesn’t stop there. As with SWSW, DWDW is going to be an innovative and fun-filled as well.

DXDW will be doling out lots of free swag to the adopted pups and their new-found parents. Designated VIP dogs will come with a complementary supply of goods. Platinum pups will go home with a free crate, harness, bag of food and ID tags. And a Gold dog, according to the center, will receive a free bag of food, a harness, ID tags and potentially other goodies.

Exactly what differentiates a VIP pooch from a Gold dog apparently will be explained at the event.

Pun-happy Pups

You can’t launch a puppy event of this importance without the inclusion of some “punny” celebrity canines.

The billing announcements are heralding special performances by such luminaries as Linkin Bark and Aerosniff. Appearances will also be made by Bark Zuckerberg, Lady Paw-Paw, Ruth Bader Ginsbark, and Elon Husky, with rumored pop-ins from A-fleas Ansari, L.L. Drool J, Sophia Vergrrra, Tina Spay and many, many more.

For updates on the agenda and performances, stay tuned to It’s guaranteed to be a pawty-on-down event.

Primary Source: Austin360