If you really want to spoil your cats, look no further than this Mouser Robotic Cat Toy controlled by your Mousr smart phone app!

Petronics Mouser Robotic Cat Toy

Petronics Mouser Robotic Cat Toy


Designed by three electrical engineering grad students at the University of Illinois, Petronics Mouser was named best new cat toy of 2018 by the American Pet Products Association, the Petronics Mouser is a smart toy that you can control with your smart phone or set on 'auto' to give your cats a wild ride!

Once you set it up with your smart phone, you've got a very smart cat toy, one that not only knows where it is, but where your cat is!


Petronics Mousr Robotic Cat Toy

Petronics Mouser Robotic Cat Toy



You can program one of three strategies to interact with your cat or hit remote and your cat will go just as crazy playing on his own, and rolling around with it.  But not to worry, Mousr can withstand play by Bengals, Maine Coons, and Savannahs, some of the roughest players in the domestic cat world. The Mousr is built to withstand rough cat play (but not dog play!)

Here is the Mousr's charging station, which not only restores its battery, but lets it get away from your devil cat for awhile!


Petronics Mousr Robotic Cat Toy


After a full charge, the Mousr's ready to go and, depending on which of three programs or automatic set-up you choose, it may last as long as 30 minutes.  By that time, your cats will probably be exhausted. Here are two cats playing with the Mousr for just a minute!



Like any robot, the Mousr knows what's going on around it. Can you imagine, it even senses your cat!


Petronics Mouser Robotic Cat Toy


Now, the Mousr's tails can, and probably will be, destroyed by your cats. So Petronics has a full set of replacement tails for you, 10 in a package that includes:

  • 1 Feather Bounce Tail
  • 1 Fur Bounce Tail
  • 1 Catnip Bounce Tail
  • 1 Spring Bounce Tail
  • 1 Feather Flick Tail
  • 1 Fur Flick Tail
  • 1 Catnip Flick Tail
  • 1 Feather Chase Tail
  • 1 Fur Chase Tail
  • 1 Catnip Chase Tail


Every cat needs a robot, don't you think?


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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