A snake on the make in London's East End needed help from the RSPCA after the rodent-eating reptile was caught by a mousetrap.

Mouse-Eating Snake Rescued From Mousetrap

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door? Yeah, we seem to have moved beyond that point since mousetraps are now catching critters that catch mice. Who invented this device, the Department of Redundancy Department?

According to Sky News in the UK, a pedestrian in Station Square, Poplar (a district in East London) notified the local RSPCA after spotting a small orange & white Corn Snake well and truly snagged by a mousetrap. Ironically, the trap was boldly emblazoned with the cautionary “Warning Hands Pinching”.  

Mouse-Eating Snake Rescued From Mousetrap

Corn Snakes are not native to Great Britain, leading RSPCA investigator Joe White to suspect the unlucky serpent was an escaped pet. “Unfortunately, an owner could not be found,” stated White, “so the reptile was transferred to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital for veterinary treatment.”

“The snake had an abrasion where he was stuck but his injuries do not seem to be too severe,” added White. As is the usual case, RSPCA staff will attempt to find the animal's owner and if unsuccessful, will then try re-homing it. With any luck, someone (and NOT some thing) will quickly snap it up.