A Moscow man took his apartment's pet-friendly policy to extremes when he brought a large lynx home from a fur farm and trained it to live as a pet.   

Moscow Man's Large Pet Lynx Is A Citified Kitty

Reports of a Eurasian Lynx (the largest Lynx species, weighing around 40 lbs.) roaming through an urban Moscow neighborhood led to Alexander Lyubarskiy, who lives in an area apartment with his family. It would seem that Lyubarskiy's family includes said lynx, whose given name is “Lynxy”. That's right, Lynxy Lyubarskiy – NOT “Lynxy McLynxface”. Give the guy some credit for that at least.

Lyubarskiy explained Lynxy's tale to a likely nervous reporter from RT who visited the family at their high-rise abode – you can watch the video here. Lynxy's been livin' large (literally) at the Lyubarskiy's for the past six years and likes to stretch its legs on long walks when it's not chilling out on the apartment's balcony.

Moscow Man's Large Pet Lynx Is A Citified Kitty

Lyubarskiy stated that Lynxy is “friendly and gentle with children,” though no neighborhood kids could be found to back up that assertion. Draw your own conclusions from that.

An amateur bow-hunter, Lyubarskiy likes to go on wild boar hunts with his buddies. During the course of one such a hunt, he witnessed a lynx killed accidentally by a fellow hunter. “They were hunting a boar but a lynx came out,” explained Lyubarskiy.

Moscow Man's Large Pet Lynx Is A Citified Kitty

“I took a look at the dead animal and felt bad about it. I got interested in the animal, so I went to the local fur farm and found out more about these creatures, how they live, and I bought one for myself.” Hmm, one wonders exactly what the fur farm folks told Lyubarskiy about lynx lifestyles.

While on the face of it Lyubarskiy may seem like a savior by “rescuing” Lynxy from a grisly fate at the fur farm. However, his act of altruism could end up bringing unintended and tragic consequences for him and his family, not to mention Lynxy itself... it's not stated whether the lynx is male or female, or for that matter whether Lyubarskiy has had it spayed or neutered.

Moscow Man's Large Pet Lynx Is A Citified Kitty

Lyuabarskiy appears to be a responsible pet-owner who genuinely cares about Lynxy – and as you can see in the video, the affection is mutual. There are many reasons why wild animals, regardless of their having been tamed/trained from a very young age, don't make good pets over the long term.

“We might rip them away from their natural habitat, we might force them to live a life of misery and in captivity, but they will always retain their natural instincts, they will always be frustrated with a life in a tiny space compared to what they are used to,” stated Samul Badiani-Hamment, campaigns assistant at PETA, to RT reporters. Badiani-Hamment also warns that wild pets will eventually get “miserable, stressed and they will lash out” at people, even those who have treated them well all their lives. let's hope Lynxy's improbable tale has a happy ending. (via Sputnik/YouTube)