It's a towel, it's a pair of gloves, it's... a pet-drying towel that features two glove-like pockets that make drying-off a wet pet an even more hands-on experience. 

Microfiber Pet Drying Towel Fits Like A Gloves

From the Things No One Asked For But We're Giving You Anyway department comes this nifty pet-drying towel designed to satisfy all of your pet-drying needs... that you really didn't know you needed, but still.

Evidently you've been drying your pets wrong which is er, just wrong on so many levels. Must you people really be shown how to do EVERYTHING??

Microfiber Pet Drying Towel Fits Like A Gloves

Oh sure, you might think drying off a wet pet with a towel is a no-brainer but did you ever stop to consider how your pet feels? If you were drying your pet in some deficient manner, wouldn't you want to know? Of course you would!

So put down that ratty towel and slowly back away from the pet. Go to your computer or other 'net-connected device and visit the product page at Awesome Store. Your pet will thank you... or mock you, we're not exactly sure.   

Microfiber Pet Drying Towel Fits Like A Gloves

But we digress. This dedicated pet-drying towel is, to quote the sales copy, “a handy item that can be used to wipe your dog's wet body by putting your hands on both ends of the towel.” See, was that so hard? Lord only knows how you people get through an average day in one piece.

The colorful towel “for dogs” (cats won't put up with this for one millisecond) is made from 90% polyester / 10% cotton microfiber proven to absorb moisture from even the wettest of pets. The towel measures 80cm by 40cm (roughly 32” by 16”) and is machine washable. The glove-like hand pockets are one size only and are designed to fit most human left and right hands... we'll leave it to you to figure out which hand goes in which pocket.