Dog spelled backwards is God. Some say that there is no coincidence in
that. After all dogs are just as skilled in unconditional love as the
Almighty. This Halloween you can elevate your dog just a little closer
to God with this cute Holy Hound Dog Costume.

Holy Hound Dog CostumeHoly Hound Dog Costume

Over a simple white robe are the "traditional" scarlet vestments trimmed in gold. A faux cross appears to hang from the neck. To top it all off (literally) is the mitre. For you neophytes out there that is that towering hat the pope wears that looks like it was styled after the Sydney Opera House.

Your dog may not be able to give communion or last rites, but it will be the hit of the party dressed like His Holiness. If anyone tries to call you a heretic for dressing your dog like Pope Francis, tell them that your dog is dyslexic and thinks that people are calling him a god.

To order an awesome Holy Hound Dog Costume for your dog, click here.

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