The MARKSIGN's A Sturdy, Handsome Small Dog Carrier And Car Booster Seat

MARKSIGN Dog Carrier/Car Booster Seat


I was first attracted to the MARKSIGN Dog Carrier/Car Booster Seat for its classic styling, but when I got into the nitty-gritty of its design, I started admiring it for its functional details too.

For example, look at how the top of the MARKSIGN is slanted downward. That's to give your dog plenty of room in the front of the case to stick his head out to sightsee without straining. With closed top, the MARKSIGN offers three mesh panels on the sides and one on the top, so your dog can see out. Being able to see what's around him calms a pet's anxiety when he's being moved around - unless it's to the vet's office, of course.

She will have an easier ride too when the MARKSIGN is functioning as a booster seat.


MARKSIGN Dog Carrier/Car Booster Seat

MARKSIGN Dog Carrier/Car Booster Seat


The MARKSIGN has two adjustable straps, not only used for carry, but for being fitted to your car seat. The longer top strap is fitted over the top of the seat and the lower strap secures the base of the carrier to the lower back of the seat. Adjusting the top strap will determine the level of the carrier to where your dog can actually see out of the window of the car. This gives you flexibility in positioning your dog where he'll be able to see out.

At 18 x 14 x 14 inches , the MARKSIGN can hold pets up to 20lbs. (I don't think that would include a full-grown beagle, as in the photo at the top, but maybe she's still a pup.)

Here are some of the features of the MARKSIGN:

 MARKSIGN Dog Carrier/Car Booster Seat

MARKSIGN Dog Carrier/Car Booster Seat


You will like the interior of the MARKSIGN Dog Carrier Booster Seat, as its polypropylene liner is lightweight, but strong, and it is covered by machine washable fleece. The nylon exterior can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. When not in use, all the parts fold flat for storage. And, the YKK Zipper will not fail!

Go see the MARKSIGN Dog Carrier/Car Booster Seat for yourself! It's got some pretty darn good reviews!


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