Man’s Best Friends Join The Women’s Marches

As marches in almost every state of the union scaled into the millions, women’s equality issues seemed to also be supported by their four-legged sidekicks! From celebrity dogs like Secretary of State John Kerry’s pooch, to others with buttons declaring “Dissent is Patriotic” — pups from all over the world — were just as supportive and involved as the men who joined the women in marches that swelled beyond our borders.

Exclusion & Inclusion . . .

While some marches excluded dogs, as stated in the FAQ’s of the Bay Area of California, most other cities welcomed them as a show of solidarity for their masters and mistresses.

Like their human counterparts, both male and female dogs participated in these historic events. Therapy dogs were of consequence, particularly for the disabled military and others suffering from PTSD. Others were there because like the many children that attended, dogs are considered members of one's family.

Pussies too!

While the dogs were the favored pet that joined the rank and file, one might have thought cats would have also been represented as much as the word "pussy" was bantered around. But not the case. 

Instead, dogs wore 'pussy' messaging either on their clothing or on protest signs created by their owners  Others wore pink or pussy hats in silent solidarity, or were affixed with warning signage that stated “no pussy grabbing.” This of course was reference to Trump’s now infamous and sexist statements made about women's genitalia during an Access Hollywood tape, released during the campaign.

Bitching Bitches

Others played off the term “bitch” which literally means “female dogs,” but is now also a moniker extolled by women who willingly assume the name, as a badge of honor. The following were just a few of the more creative catchphrases that played off the word.

  • “Marching For Bitches”
  • “Strong American Bitch”
  • “Bitches Got Rights”
  • “Proud To Be A Bitch”
  • “Not Your Bitch”
  • “Nasty Bitch”
  • “Bitches Rule”
  • “Bitches Against Fascism”


Bi-Partisan Canines for Equality

Hopefully dogs lightened the mood for participants on both sides of the aisle. Since dogs are known to reduce stress, it's possible their attendance at these marches provided some comic relief for the marchers, both pro- and anti-Trumpers.

Regardless as to how issues unfold in the coming days and months ahead, it’s important to remember, we are all just folks trying to find our way. And maybe . . . just maybe . . . having our dogs at our sides, they’ll be the best guides to steer us in the right direction.

John Kerry & Dog