Going with the Flo: A man and his faithful kitten rescued by boat were both 'Survivors' after rising floodwaters from Hurricane Florence's storm surge surrounded their home in New Bern, NC.  

Man & Kitten Rescued From Hurricane Florence Flooding

Hurricane Florence brought high winds, torrential rain and a massive storm surge to the Carolina coast but no amount of news footage and photos could bring home just how bad the situation is.

You really had to be there, like Robert Simmons Jr. and his tiny tabby kitten, "Survivor". The pair were rescued from Flo's floodwaters on Saturday, September 15th after several inches of rain fell in the New Bern area the previous night.

Man & Kitten Rescued From Hurricane Florence Flooding

“We been through Alberto, Fran, Irene, Matthew, and this is the worst it's ever been, in this part right here,” explained Simmons in this video by Travis Long of The News & Observer. “I just got fed up. My Dad didn't want to come, he's still back there,” he added, as Survivor climbed out from the warmth and security his owner's jacket's hood to perch precariously on his right shoulder.

“All my stuff, man...” lamented Simmons, though having Survivor (it's not known who christened the cute but waterlogged kitten) to cry on his shoulder has got to lighten the burden a little, at least. (image via Andrew Carter/The News & Observer via AP)