Lucky, a two-faced calf from Taylor County, Kentucky has lost her battle for survival after 108 days in the kind care of the McCubbin family.

Luck Runs Out For Lucky, A Two-Faced Calf From Kentucky

When “Lucky” was born on Stan and Brandy McCubbin's farm near Campbellsville, Kentucky on September 16th of 2016, they could see right away something wasn't right.

The golden-brown female calf had two faces, four eyes (the middle two of which share a single socket), two ears, two noses and two mouths! Lucky was named by young Kenley McCubbin after she heard her mother say the newborn calf was lucky to be alive.  

Luck Runs Out For Lucky, A Two-Faced Calf From Kentucky

Lucky's perceived plight struck a chord in the McCubbin clan, who treated her like a pet instead of just another farm animal. “The McCubbins see Lucky as a miracle and blessing,” explained reporter Cheryl Truman of the Lexington Herald-Leader. “They are determined to give her the best life possible for as long as she can live.”

Lucky was able to drink milk and enjoyed being pampered, often taking naps with the McCubbin's four daughters. Trouble loomed on the horizon, however: Lucky had a cleft palate that made it difficult, if not impossible, for her to eat hay.

Luck Runs Out For Lucky, A Two-Faced Calf From Kentucky

The McCubbins turned to crowd-funding in order to raise the $500 required for corrective surgery, and generous donors ponied up $1,200 toward that end. Unfortunately, before an operation could be scheduled Lucky passed away on her 108th day of life. She was buried in a scenic spot near a creek that runs through the McCubbins' cattle farm.

The family is searching for a relevant charity to give the donated funds to. Meanwhile, the McCubbin children are taking Lucky's passing as best as can be expected. “Kids are strong, I was the one who was a mess,” said Brandy McCubbin, who teaches at Taylor County Elementary School. “God blessed us longer than we expected,” added McCubbin. “God had a purpose for her. We loved her, and other people loved her. We got to share our faith.” Well stated, no two ways about it.