Halloween can be a rather dark night -- which is part of its charm, of
course. But you still may want to shed a little light on the holiday and
your can do it in an equally charming way with these cute Cat and
and Cats and Bats light sets.

 Cat and Pumpkin Light SetCat and Pumpkin Light Set

Hang these cute lights in trees, along the patio roof, or around the front door to welcome trick-or-treaters. They aren't going to put out a whole lot of light, but a nice little bit of Halloween ambiance. With the cats and bats you can show your appreciation for the spookiness these animals add to the season.

Cats and Bats LightsCats and Bats Lights

There are ten lights on each string and they are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Twine two strings together for a fuller look. The plastic globes over each light provide the black cat experience and give the look of small paper lanterns.

To order the Cat and Pumpkin Lights, click here. To order the Cats and Bats Lights, click here.

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